Video Links for Hops, Apples, Barley & Laws Attendees!

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Video Links for Hops, Apples, Barley & Laws Attendees!

I had a great time presenting “The IP in IPA” introduction to intellectual property for craft beverage entrepreneurs this afternoon.  The Utica edition of Hops, Barley, Apples & Laws CLE seemed like a great success.  Thanks to the organizers, hosts, and other speakers.  The tasting by Nine Pin Cider, Adirondack Distilling, and Copper City Brewing was pretty great too.

For folks who attended and picked up copies of 12 Things Every Business Should DO About Intellectual Property, here are the YouTube links for the intro videos I mentioned:

Also, I mentioned to some of you that the materials I handed out have been sitting around for a while.  I don’t think it will really impact the usefulness of the materials, but it may mean that some of the links and contact information contained in them are outdated.  Sorry in advance for any broken links or returned e-mails you may encounter.

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