For both companies and individuals, innovation is a journey. Whether starting a company, looking to join a company, or trying to inspire a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation in your community or organization, learning more about business innovation is a great place to start.  3-Blazes approach to innovation training is all about action.  Our goal is to get participants to not only leave with a few new ideas, but to include hands on activities that translate into tangible next steps for doing.  We aren’t really fans of the classroom format, but it is the easiest place for most people to start.  Hopefully, we can inspire the doing that leads to real learning and real innovation.  Contact Us if you are interested in hosting a training seminar for your business or organization.

Community Training
3-Blazes provides Introduction to Intellectual Property, Business Fundamentals Bootcamps, Seminar Series, and one-off training engagements to support economic development and community programs in Central New York State.  We provide the content, handouts, and trainer for a fixed cost per session.  You provide the venue, registration, and marketing.  Depending on your willingness to charge participants or recruit sponsors, community training can easily be run to break-even or provide a small surplus to the sponsoring organization.

Business Fundamentals

3-Blazes approach to business fundamentals starts with a focus on action and innovation.  We start with the basics of business planning and modeling, the importance of customer focus and market validation, and key areas of business operations:

  • Administration of business operations
  • Background research and validating assumptions
  • Product development and supply chain
  • Marketing and sales
  • Business modeling and bookkeeping
  • Relationship and employee management
  • Risk management and legal compliance

Business fundamentals can be introduced in a condensed Bootcamp format in 4 hours of class time, presented in an extended 10-hour format (5 classroom sessions recommended), or customized to the sponsors needs.  The class component can also be effectively combined with business planning working sessions, peer mentoring, or individual mentoring as appropriate to the sponsoring organizations objectives and resources.


Custom Innovation Seminars

We enjoy providing content and facilitating group discussions on business innovation, entrepreneurship, and local/regional economic development issues.  If you have an idea for a session or seminar series and would like help with content development and presentation, please contact us.

Some of our custom series topics have included:

  • Intellectual Property for Small Business
  • 10 Risks of the Craft Food Entrepreneur
  • 4 Things Every Business Should KNOW About Intellectual Property
  • 12 Things Every Business Should DO About Intellectual Property
  • Where Does Food Innovation Come From?
  • How Does Intellectual Property Impact Financing for Food Businesses
  • Web 2.0 Technologies for Small Business
  • Growing Main Street Businesses


Custom In-House Training Series

One of the most important aspects of implementing and sustaining innovation in your company or organization is getting your people on-board (and keeping them there).  This can start with a basic awareness of intellectual property and innovation principles, but becomes critical when you have developed systems, policies, and initiatives that require support throughout your organization.  These training programs generally complement an Executive Staffing or Consulting Project.

Some of our custom in-house topics have included:

  • What You Need to Know about Protecting Our Intellectual Property (for new employees)
  • Invention Disclosure, Patents, and Employee Innovation
  • Keeping It a Secret (Non-Disclosure Agreements, Trade Secrets, and Confidentiality)
  • Understanding and Protecting Our Brand


Training Products

So far, we have only produced one multi-media training product for sale (under our Eat Drink Law project).  We hope to do more in the future and are open to developing a custom product for an innovative organization or initiative.

If you are interested in what our first product looks like, you can order one here:

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