blaze [bleyz] (n) a mark made
on a tree to indicate a trail


We are experts in innovation, entrepreneurship, and small business systems that stand ready to guide you through the wilderness of turning ideas into business opportunities, one blaze at a time.

blaze [bleyz] (n) a very large
or fiercely burning fire

3-Blazes is a professional services firm that helps create and grow innovative ventures. We help entrepreneurs, executives, and economic developers build their capacity to innovate by turning ideas into intellectual property, turning people into innovators, and embodying initiative in sustainable systems, processes, and culture for creating the businesses and economy of the future. Turn the spark of small business innovation into a blaze.

 blaze [bleyz] (v) set an example
by being the first to do something; pioneer

  • Develop your small business innovation know-how and capacity.
  • Use executive team, community, and internal training programs to get your whole team behind innovation, entrepreneurship, and systematic delivery of something new and amazing.
  • Get consulting or part-time executive staffing to more efficiently turn your ideas into reality.

Embrace your ideas, arm your people with the know-how to innovate, and be the first to really make something happen in your company, organization, or region.

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