Flexible Experts

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have an intellectual property expert on staff.  But, chances are, you can’t actually afford the six figure salary that IP experts command.  Chances are that you don’t need them full-time anyway, part-time or on a project basis would do just fine.

Part-Time Executives

Part-time and virtual CFOs have become commonplace.  Now, you can do the same thing with by adding a part-time Director of Intellectual Property, Licensing Officer, or VP of Business Development.  We can provide the support staff or help develop your in-house support capabilities (to keep things going even when your part-time exec isn’t available.  The key is continuous executive-level input to develop and maintain systems and strategies that align with your evolving needs.

Project Consulting

Sometimes, innovation is just a project.  Preparing for a launch, setting up a joint venture, establishing a patent development or licensing program.  Once it’s done, it’s done.  But it will go much more smoothly if you can bring in outside expertise (and effort) to make it happen efficiently and not reinvent the wheel.

Not sure what you need?  Answer these questions (or just Contact Us or Request a Meeting).

  • Do you have ideas for innovation, but they never seem to reach the top of your priority list?
  • Do you keep starting new projects, but they never really get the results you want before you are on to the next thing?
  • Do you have creative employees or research & development budgets that are producing great stuff, but you aren’t really able to measure, manage, or capitalize on it the way you want to?

If you, your organization, or even your region don’t seem to be living up to their creative potential, let’s talk about how a little bit of systematic innovation, intellectual property, and entrepreneurship can go a long way.

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