Our current venture development project is Good People Energy Technologies Inc.  We are re-posting their monthly status updates here to let Eat Drink Law subscribers follow along as we work on this venture.

Happy New Year!  Someday I will learn that December is not the most productive month of the year.  It’s family and friends and overeating.  It is a particularly bad month for attempting to reach out to colleges (duh, they’re on break).  January always brings introspection and renewed energy to do something amazing with the new year.  Ethan and I are really looking forward to 2017 and moving the needle for Good People.

We have been learning a lot about what it takes to get a complex electro-mechanical product made.  Even if it is relatively low-tech, it still has a lot of pieces and specifications and suppliers to be aligned.  We are making progress, but we still don’t have a prototype of our own making in hand, just the ones made by OGD.  We could really use some more engineering help and it has cemented in our minds what we might be looking for from our first hire.

Meanwhile, I am convinced that customer pull is going to be the key to getting product made.  We have lined up a number of potential funding sources that we are pretty sure would help us out with a specific ask to build product for a customer.  The next stage is to find a pilot customer or two.  Even a small sale would help our focus.  We are going to redouble our effort for pilot customers this month.

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